Aim of the Project

The present project aims at the development of new processes for the assembly and the wire bonding of electronic circuits with digital laser printing and sintering technology, in order to integrate them into industrial processes of packaging and production of electronic circuits. In particularι:

Objective 1: Development of a novel assembly technique of electronic components by means of laser printing technique for accurate printing of conductive pastes, with printing resolution <10 μm and printing velocity > 10000 chips per second. The proposed technology will allow the assembly of electronic components with contact pad sizes smaller than the minimum dimension (0.2 mm) that the state of the art surface mount technology (SMT) can achieve.

Objective 2: Utilization of laser printing technology for the innovative manufacturing of electrical connections for integrated circuits in BGA packaging with a resolution of <10 μm, for high-conductivity and high mechanical strength interconnections. The aforementioned process will be integrated in a laboratory prototype capable of accomplishing high resolution and high speed wirebonding and assembly of electronic circuits.

Objective 3: Fully functional laboratory prototype which will include both wirebonding and printing technologies of conductive pastes  with the following specifications: printing 10.000 pads per second, resolution 10 μm.

Objective 4: Design and manufacturing of printable materials with silver and copper nanoparticles and viscosity values compatible with laser printing technology for assembly and wirebonding applications of electronic circuits. Properties of the manufactured materials include time stability, narrow range of dimensions, affordable production cost and environmentally friendly production methods.