Electronic Circuit


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Project Meetings

  • Meeting between PRISMA and NTUA on 4/10/2018 at Zografou Campus (NTUA).
  • TELCO Skype Meeting (16/07/2019) between all partners.
  • TELCO Skype Meeting (19/03/2019) between all partners.
  • TELCO Skype Meeting (12/12/2018) between all partners.
  • M02 Meeting between PRISMA and NTUA on 15/10/2018 at Zografou Campus (NTUA).
  • M02 TELCO Skype Meeting (10/10/2018) between all partners.
  • Kick off meeting of ΣΥΝ-LASER project at Zografou Campus (NTUA), Athens 25/07/2018.

Press Releases

  • Press Release 1 (link) in January 2017 [M01].
  • Press Release 2 (link) in the beginning of March 2017 [M03].
  • Press Release 3 (link) in July 2017 [M07].


  • Participation at the international conference MNE2019, Poster presentation of the work entitled “Optimization of solder paste laser printing parameters for the assembly of electronic devices”, in Rhodes, Greece, 23-26 September 2019.

  • Participation at the international conference EUROMAT 2019, Oral presentation of the work entitled "Investigations on LIFT-printed solder pastes for micro-electronics applications" M. Makrygianni, E. Margariti, N. Oikonomidis, Ch. Spandonidis, I. Zergioti", in Stockholm, Sweden, 1-5 September 2019.